The Team of STONE-UNIVERSE INC. consists of a multitude of a world-wide network of dedicated assistants in design, engineering and international stone experience. The STONE-UNIVERSE INC. Team is not only experienced but is also extremely dedicated to provide not only excellence in stone but service as well.
The founders of Stone-Universe, Inc are Civ.Ing Svein Kristensen and Gisele Reczeg.

Svein was born in Odda – a beautiful part of Norway between mountains, lakes, fjords and glaciers. Odda is also the origin of the name STONE-UNIVERSE INC. symbol – “Trollunga” the Troll Tongue. For more details of this incredible rock we recommend a visit to Odda.
Gisele was born in Austria but for the last 40 years lived in America where among many other accomplishments, also served as a Special Assistant to an American President.

Without exception, the Stone Universe, Inc. Team not only has the professionalism and experience but also the passion and dedication to provide only the best possible products as well as service.


The rock “Trolltunga”, the troll tongue.